Orchid girl dating florida

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Orchid girl dating florida

It's so unusual and so uniquely sexy and well-balanced with the sweetness of the floral and chocolate notes. From this beautiful perfume I get a warm, sumptuous sweetness with a lot of patchouli.As the icing on the cake, my husband loves it when I wear it. I’m not going to try to get over-complicated or pretentious about the notes because I want to keep my appreciation of this one simple. JPG Fleur Du Male and Utra Male are men’s fragrances right?Masculinity and strong character of BO makes me feel like it would sit much better on a man. I have a leaky decant of this that's currently perfuming my bathroom...it's in my makeup bag but it's such strong stuff it really fills the room! I had to buy a full bottle and now I wear it several times a week, which is a lot for me! It was also midsummer at the time and a very hot day as I recall. Since then, I have encountered and enjoyed a fairly wide range of fragrances, albeit mainly within the genre of designer brands.Black Orchid also requires your skin to be hot, so it could flourish and develop in its beautiful complexity. I have a ton of perfumes it seems like but I keep going back to this one. A scent that I was excited for after all of the hype. Now, trying this perfume again, I find it glorious!I wore it to bed last night and he said "You smell f'n amazing! It’s nice and I like it, that’s all I need to know. I think Black Orchid is great and I’m going to wear it. Sillage - You know when a truck drives past you and it almost sucks you into the road? Peace out - Zoop I don't know what I can say that others haven't." A scent that I was excited for after all of the hype. If people don’t like it, they can get off the bus at the next stop. This was on my perfume tray this past month, so I've worn it for the first time in almost a year a handful of times this month.It was not heavy or cloying in this small dose, but I can see it being an easy perfume to overdose on. The end result is almost like a witch's brew of dark chocolate, mushrooms, dirt, flowers, and smoke. This is definitely a scent that can be hated at first, but give it a chance. Will forever repurchase (if I run out ever, and hopefully if they don't discontinue it). Despite being marked for women, this is my default, casual evening scent.

Black Orchid was created by perfume creators of fragrance company Givaudan in 2006. The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and effervescent citrus. Yes, some say this smells like a women's fragrance, but the Patchouli and other opulent notes/accords make this such a unique, yet masculine chocolate floral. I smell a lot of things here and my nose isn't offended like I thought it was going to be. I tried it countless times to see how it reacts with both my skin and clothes. I remember when this first came out in 2006; US Vogue had an ad which included a fancy tester that was a tiny towelette moistened with the EDP and sealed in foil.BUT, it makes me sneeze :( SO weird as Black Orchid doesn't?!?!?! Does anyone want to swap a Black Orchid for my Velvet Orchid? I bought it at Nordstrom's but don't have any of the packaging.Message me if interested :) I do not ever understand nor could even fathom how some of these reviewers have had the unfortunate circumstance of spraying this masterpiece and smelling like garbage. I am a 25 y/o man whose first TF purchase was this version of black orchid (not the weak edt) and it was love and first sniff!I tried Black Orchid a few times on my skin before buying. So dark that whenever I smell it I feel like my face is covered in moist dirt with some mushrooms in it. After 3~4 hours it is less noticeable , but you do keep that amazing afterglow of what makes this " Like no Other " I can see both sexes wearing this with no issue of it being to feminine or masculine .However, this is not the reason why I am not a fan. On top of that it's not long lasting and has weak spillage.. Of course it does matter your chemistry that day , but if keeping with the cool wintery months I see no issue , would not wear this in the heat of summer ~ One thing that had me in stitches is my kitty Pasha rubs herself on or tries to lick my wrist after a spritz of this .

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In the floral-spicy heart, dwells the Tom Ford's black orchid, imaginary more than real, and the base combines woodsy notes (patchouli and sandalwood), dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla and balsam. This smells so cozy with the use of the sweet notes like Vanilla and Chocolate, but the incense and patchouli make this bad boy so dark and lovely. Boozy, dark chocolately (preferably lol), dried-fruited, earthy, subtle florals. Something earthy in it I'm guessing it's the chocolate and patchouli. First off, let's talk about the mushroom situation. Nothing funky or racy or Publix white button mushroom-like. I feel some sweet warmth, but I wouldn't say chocolate. By that I mean that it smells more like past men's colognes that I've smelled than previous female perfumes. This perfume feels like I cannot describe it, like at all! Makes me feel claustrophobic, and it was almost hard to breath the air around myself when I wore it.. to me it brings to mind 'the emperor's new clothes' story. I remember that smell hitting me in the face with its sex appeal (maybe it motorboated me? I love the vintage look of the bottle, and it's very glamorous, but at its heart I think it is a more contemporary style- the base has a sweetness with amber and hint of gourmand.

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